#Momstyle for FashionWeek..


September is my favorite month of the year, why?! It is the January of Fashion aka “Fashion Week”. It is an absolutely fun time to see all the new seasons fashion come to life through Fashion Shows and Live Events. Seeing different styles by everyday people and showing off mines as well is all an experience.

As a mom and getting older I still like to be sexy yet classy. I  enjoy doing my own thing when it comes to style so I went against the norm of what everyone most likely would be doing. I assumed everyone would be more dressed up so I decided to go with a chic distressed modest casual look.
Shoes: Payless (Payless.com)

Clutch: Katespade (Katespade.com)

Pink Top: Rainbows (Rainbowshops.com)

Distressed Denim Jacket: 10 below (DIY patchwork)

DIY denim jeans

Choker: F21 (Forever21.com)

~Let your mind be creative, you never know where it will take you, it’s called LIVING!~




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