Welcome to my revamped AMomStateofMind.com MOMing in style, mommy blog. I’ve had this Blog now for a few years but with my prior crazy schedule I wasn’t consistent. Now that I have the time to commit and the out pour of people I have reaching out to me about my pregnancy journey and raising my children, I’m here to answer your questions and share with you tips and advise on how I got through my pregnancy plus how I’m now keeping up with my style while being a mom to a crazy teenager and infant twins.




Sky & Kai


541424C9-36B5-472B-82AB-22E54CFD4CA5.jpeg I will be sharing and answering questions I’ve been asked. My goal is to help and give insight to as many mamas or mamas to be going through the same frustrations of motherhood. Let’s support each other and make being a mama something all women hope to be one day despite all the not so great things that come with the territory. Being uncomfortable is the new norm. “You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable”.

P.S. Keep the questions coming and feel free to comment and share any insight you may have.




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