What was your favorite part about pregnancy??!

Happy Friday beautiful people. The question of the day is, “What was your favorite part about pregnancy”? “I am currently pregnant and I’m not enjoying any parts of it right now”.

Dear mommy to be,

That use to be me, but it gets better I promise. Pregnancy is not for everybody, me included. I mean don’t get me wrong bringing life into this world is a beautifully magical thing I think every woman should experience, but it’s not for everyone. Hormonal, mood, and body change is one thing but there are so many other aspects of pregnancy that are not appealing.

If pregnancy wasn’t for me, why do I have children you ask? Well, it’s kind of like someone wanting to be successful but not wanting to work for it, but with pregnancy. I wanted children but I didn’t want to go through the physical process(9 months of changes) to have them. I had my oldest daughter when I was 20 and I can say that being pregnant 13 years ago and recently at 33 with twins was both very different yet the same. My first pregnancy was a bit of a breeze. I was young and snapped back in no time(without working out) BUT hormones times a hundred , morning, noon, & night sickness, food aversion, getting large, and growing pains were the added touches that made pregnancy not fun for me. The only difference with my recent pregnancy is that I didn’t snap back as fast(old age and not working out), but everything else was the same. They say every pregnancy is different but to be completely honest everything for me was the same except I was carry twins the second time around and all symptoms were doubled.

To answer your question, even though pregnancy was not for me and wasn’t the most comfortable experience, I must say it was an experience nonetheless. My most favorite part about pregnancy was feeling my babies move inside and the countdown to the final weeks when I knew all my pain and discomfort was coming to an end.

(Me 7 days before giving birth)

Like I said earlier the feelings do get better as trimesters go by. If feeling your child move inside of you not give you joy, then I really don’t know what to tell you. I think it outweighs all the discomfort that comes with being pregnant just knowing that you were chosen to carry out the life of your soon to be born child. Just hang in there girl, you got this!



*Keep the questions coming, I’m loving it and have more answers and insight for you.


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