What is MOMing??! MoMing is what us moms do everyday while being super hero’s. We do pretty much everything when it comes to MOMing, name it we do it.

Yesterday I filmed a short snippet answering this question: What is your super power, and how are you using it to inspire others?! My answer was; My super power is being a mom and using it to be a role model and inspire my kids to be better than myself and their father, that the sky’s the limit, and they can be anything their hearts desire to be.

Let’s face it being a mom is a hell of a super power. Its certainly not easy and not everyone is blessed or capable to carry out such powers. What is your super power?!

Not much thought went into this outfit besides the fact that I had to wear my MoMing t-shirt to film. See below for outfit details…

A moms job is never finished. One twin up while the other one is napping…

You can purchase your MOMing T-shirts here, click the link below…

Leopard Shawl: Rainbow(

Sunnies: Sunglass Spot (

“Find your super power and use it to inspire others”




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