Baby & Solids…

It’s absolutely exciting to see our babies advance to the next step of the growing phase. Kaihlani and Skylar are both on solids and it has been an interesting adventure having them try different foods and seeing what they like and don’t like.

Can I be completely honest for a second though. I’m sorry, but I absolutely dislike prepping babies and strapping them in their chairs for feedings. Call me lazy when it comes to this, but I need convenience and a simpler way to get the food to babies mouths other than me feeding them with a spoon and hoping they don’t spit it out on me.(don’t judge me)

Munchkin baby food feeders make feeding time an ease. I mean you just pour the food inside of a huge pacifier, hand it to baby and WALLAH, they suck the food right on out. The only con I will say with this is that you have to keep refilling until baby is satisfied, but other than that it is a hands free little to no mess kind of deal and I recommend it. (Keep in mind there are other brands and kinds of feeders to suit your liking)

Hubby and I live for making life easier with our babies. Everything we have for the twins makes life so much easier and stress free. Parents if you have the luxury, make life easier by getting or asking for things(gifts) that make your life and baby’s life easier. The last thing you need to be is frustrated while dealing with baby(ies).

You can find and purchase this and other baby food feeders at your local retailers….






DISCLAIMER: Be sure to check with your pediatrician to see if your baby(ies) are ready for solids and if the tool mentioned is suitable for you to incorporate with daily use. Please be aware of any food allergies baby(ies) may have.





2 thoughts on “Baby & Solids…

  1. Your babies are adorable!!! Can’t believe you’re starting over with twins after a practically raised teenager! My baby girl is 14 months and we are still fighting her with certain foods and textures. Probably because she is still breastfeeding. Love your post!


  2. Wow!! I didn’t know they had this available!! Thanks so much for posting!! and trust me, you’re not lazy. Every mom could and would use this if they knew it existed! I’ll keep this tool in mind with my next baby!! P.S. your twins are just so precious!! thanks for sharing them with us and showing their adorable faces with us!!


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