Remain Sain….

Happy Friday everyone! The question of the day is,What are you doing to keep your sanity as a parent?!

Between taking care of babies, cleaning, laundry, and maintaining a decent appearance, it can take a toll on you. Don’t get me wrong I have help,(and no offense to dads that help out and do their share) but I don’t think some dads/men understand what us moms go through mentally . Most men with kids carrying on with life as if it is the same as it was without. I mean you try to balance life where you can but to think that you can do things the same as prior to having kids, you should re-evaluate some things.

I’ve almost lost my sanity a few times, but i’ve managed to get things under control. Being a mom is a 24 hr job and unless you are one you won’t understand. It is so easy to lose your sanity when you are a parent, because you are pulled in so many  directions you don’t know where to begin.

Processed With Darkroom

Listen, Sanity is a crucial part of our well being as parents and when it’s not 100 percent in tact everything goes down hill.

I’m here to help & here are a few suggestions to maintain your sanity…

1. STOP trying to please everyone( is everyone trying to please you?)

2. Saying NO is not a bad thing( you are not obligated to do anything unless it’s for your children)

3. Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day to clear your mind.(when baby(ies) go down for a nap escape to a quiet room, you will feel a little recharged after)


4. Listen to a motivational podcast to keep you grounded and motivated to get through each day.(it will give you a sense of reassurance that everything will be ok)


5. Start a journal and write down how you are feeling everyday. What were you doing  at that time to make you feel this way?! Go back and evaluate how your feelings attribute to things that you do and adjust accordingly.(writing is a form of stress relief , a way of venting in silence)

Yes, it’s easier said than done but if you don’t try, then how will you get over the bump?! Stop being lazy and start putting things into action. Your “what if” now becomes your“I did ”.

A sain you is a healthy you and a healthy you is a happy you…




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