Weekend Vibes…

Weekend Vibes…

In celebration of NYFW aka(New York Fashion Week) and not so freezing, yet rainy weather I whipped up this little ensemble for our family brunch outing today. Since it's still winter and I wasn't trying to really catch pneumonia and such I did layer underneath with a tank and regular t-shirt(for those saying to them [...]


Getting fit…

Happy Happy Friday everyone! You all have been really good with the questions. Thank you and please keep them coming. Here is the question of the week. As moms we barely have time for ourselves because we are busy taking care of everyone else. Women are natural born nurturers but we have to learn to [...]

What was your favorite part about pregnancy??!

Happy Friday beautiful people. The question of the day is, "What was your favorite part about pregnancy"? "I am currently pregnant and I'm not enjoying any parts of it right now". Dear mommy to be, That use to be me, but it gets better I promise. Pregnancy is not for everybody, me included. I mean [...]

My Pregnancy Journey….

Hi Everyone, Happy Friday! As many of you may know I was recently  pregnant with twins, and now 4 months later raising 2 healthy girl/boy twins along side a teenager. I've had many of you DM'ing me asking questions about my journey being pregnant with twins and now raising them. Some of you are expecting [...]

#Momstyle for FashionWeek..

9.10.16 September is my favorite month of the year, why?! It is the January of Fashion aka "Fashion Week". It is an absolutely fun time to see all the new seasons fashion come to life through Fashion Shows and Live Events. Seeing different styles by everyday people and showing off mines as well is all [...]

Running Errands…

As a mom, running errands on the weekend for me means, dressing & being comfy. Some may think that dressing comfy equals looking frumpy but honey comfy never means not being cute. Know the difference and execute with confidence. Dress: http://www.Rainbowshops.com Sandals: Lotless Bag: Vintage Moschino Xo, ~AMomStateofMind