Welcome to my revamped AMomStateofMind.com MOMing in style, mommy blog. I’ve had this Blog now for a few years but with my prior crazy schedule I wasn’t consistent. Now that I have the time to commit and the out pour of people I have reaching out to me about my pregnancy journey and raising my [...]


#Momstyle for FashionWeek..

9.10.16 September is my favorite month of the year, why?! It is the January of Fashion aka "Fashion Week". It is an absolutely fun time to see all the new seasons fashion come to life through Fashion Shows and Live Events. Seeing different styles by everyday people and showing off mines as well is all [...]

Running Errands…

As a mom, running errands on the weekend for me means, dressing & being comfy. Some may think that dressing comfy equals looking frumpy but honey comfy never means not being cute. Know the difference and execute with confidence. Dress: http://www.Rainbowshops.com Sandals: Lotless Bag: Vintage Moschino Xo, ~AMomStateofMind